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Animation Workshop2014-2015

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Animation Workshop Beginners Session 1:
Beginning animation students will learn the basics of stop motion animation by
creating their dry board erase animations. Students will learn how to execute
drawings frame by frame and look at examples of cause/effect and morph styles
of animation. They do every aspect of production and editing by shooting their
frames using a digital camera. They will use a movie making software and
open source files to add soundtracks to their short films and include a credits
page citing sources. Finally, students will create their own cover for their DVD’s
to take home.

Animation Workshop Intermediate Session 2:
Students who have taken Session 1 will move on to Session 2, claymation
animation. Students will learn the basic elements of storytelling, including
aspects like characters, plot, conclusion and foreshadowing. They can choose
to work alone or in teams to develop a simple storyline or theme in order to
convey their ideas with clay (plasticine). The project will culminate in a final
stop motion short film and students will learn how to use Audacity software to
add sound effects and music to their film.