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Weaving with fibers

Fourth graders learned about the art of Indonesian Shadow Puppets and heard a shortened re-telling of the Hindu epic, "The Ramayana." Students traced puppet shapes and used Indonesian style patterns and details to make their puppet resemble their favorite character. The puppets were painted and assembled with rods and fasteners. Students worked collaboratively to write their own script re-enacting favorite scenes or creating their own story based on themes from the Ramayana. Finally, each group performed their play on a shadow puppet screen!

Technology and Art History

Visit our art Voice Thread to hear an example of how students compare stories, art, symbols, and hero archetypes between cultures through storytelling by learning about the Hindu epic, The Ramayana. Over 5,000 visitors from the US, Asia and Europe have visited our site. Please visit and leave a comment!
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Our Voice Thread "Indonesian Shadow Puppets" is a featured as a teacher resource at The Art Institute of Chicago
"Art in Motion: Digital Storytelling in the Classroom." The Art Institute of Chicago July 2010
"Technology and Art" Ryan School Education Center. The Art Institute of Chicago June 2010
"Discovering Digital Images" Art Volunteers in the Classroom Program. The Art Institute of Chicago Nov 2010

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