Lower School art students in Ms. Lee's class participated in artist, Mel Chin's collaborative art project called the Fundred Project.
In a nationwide effort to help the city of New Orleans clean up lead contamination in the soil, students created "Fundred" dollar bills, which were sent to a collection site at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. The Fundred armored truck arrived at the center and Woodward Lower School's Art & Culture correspondent, J.R. Pace was there to report on the pick up event. Other art students also came to represent our school as the truck left with 250 Fundreds from Lower School. Fundreds from more than 100 U.S. sites will be delivered in a vegetable oil-powered armored truck to Congress to show how much funding is needed to clean up lead contamination around New Orleans. Please read more about Mel Chin's art project here.
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Lower School art students and the staff at The Contemporary dig this cause!