FALL 2013 Art Roster as posted by MS art teachers...congrats to all who were selected! If your name is not on the list, you can still take art classes through short courses.
Those selected for All Year Art: In no particular order:
  1. 1.B, Isabelle
    2.B, Nick
    3.B, Michael
    4.B, Gracie
    5.B, Lawton
    6.B, Eric
    7.C, Mary
    8.C, Jackson
    9.D, Isha
    10.D, Luke
    11.D, Abby
    12.F, Teagan
    13.G, Sejal
    14.G, Zoravur
    15.J, Wyatt
    16.J, Cody
    17.L, Sydney
    18.M, David
    19.P, Harry
    20.S, Max
    21.T, Sofia
    22.V, Anya
    23.W, Jenna
    24.W, Clara

Selection of Students for Seventh Grade Year-long Art:
The Middle School teachers want you to know the following about Yearlong Art in the Middle School: “Please remind the students who seek out this class that we are primarily working on seeing/drawing skills. …while clay is a medium we explore, it is not a major part of the year-long class. We accomplish one large and one small painting, one good sized ceramic vessel, a photography unit with 2 major assignments-plus a short term collage and a 7-8 day long design project. But most of what we do is lots of drawing-with pen, pencil, charcoal, chalk, pastels, etc.”

We at the Lower School want to add that grading in the Middle School art classes is a standard letter grade that is figured into the gradepoint average. Be sure you want to take the class before you apply; it is not fair to other interested students if you are accepted and drop out later.

Note to LS art students:
Please keep all your artwork from Ms. Lee's drawing and painting classes. They will make good additions to any other artwork you plan to show for review by Middle School Art teachers. Still life drawings, watercolor landscapes, value study paintings, self-portraits are solid pieces for your portfolio.