Problem Based Sustainability Design Projects


6th Grade art students learned about biomimicry in science class. In art, they were given the challenge of designing the Ultimate Tree House. They presented their design proposals using Power Point. Students researched sustainable materials and efficient energy sources to incorporate into their tree house design. Using the closed loop system of consumption where waste is efficiently used as a resource, students considered how to include composting and grey water recycling in their design. Please check out the PowerPoint students watched to get inspired about this design project.

Sustainability & Design Art Project: Designing the Ultimate Tree House

Tedtalks Link from Power Point

Student proposals:

Sixth graders learned about how paper is made commercially and by hand. We used paper from the classroom recycling bin to create unique paper art using a blender, deckle frame, mats, sewing machine and mixed media.

paper.jpg Tommy Lafiandra.jpg

Check out some more pictures below:

2011 Projects
Students learned about John James Audubon and the Birds of N. America

2010 Projects

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